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Adnan Menderes University will be accepting on-line applications and carrying out an online student examination (Online ADÜYÖS) for International students for the 2017-2018 Academic Year.



Applications will be accepted on-line between the dates of 01 August and 16 August 2017. After this period the application system will automatically close. Applications will not be accepted in person or by post.


Applications can be made in three different ways:

a) Candidates who wish to use the mark they received on the ADÜYÖS exam on 13 May 2017 need to log on to the application system with their previously used email address and password, click on ‘I want to use my previous ADÜ application and result from May 2017. I will not take the ADÜYÖS examination again’, choose their preferred departments and submit their application. It is obligatory to make at least 3 course preferences. These students do NOT need to re-take the ADÜYÖS examination or re-pay the examination fee. 

b) Candidates who DO NOT wish to use the mark they recieved on the ADÜYÖS examination on 13 May 2017 need to log on to the application system with their previously used email address and password, click on  ‘I want to use my application from May 2017 and I wish to re-take the ADÜYÖS examination’, choose their preferred departments and submit their application. It is obligatory to make at least 3 course preferences. These students MUST pay the examination fee and re-take the ADÜYÖS examination. The new bank payment slip must be uploaded 

c) Candidates who are applying to Adnan Menderes University for the first time in 2017, please follow the steps below:

STEP 1 - Completing the application and department selection form

The link for the application system is:  After clicking on “New Applications-Update”:

1 - Create your user account

2 - Activate your application account by clicking on the link in the e-mail which has been automatically sent to your e-mail address

3 - Use your user account details to enter the system and choose ‘New Application’. After reading the explanations, enter your personal details, other examination details, contact information and your high school education details.

4 - Enter your preferences for the departments in which you wish to study. Every applicant can make up to 5 choices and it is obligatory to make at least 3 course preferences. Please check the order of your preferences.

       a) In order to choose a course, choose your desired department/programme from the “Departments Box” and use the right arrow to send it to the “Preference Box”.

       b) In order to change a preference, click on the department/programme you wish to change in the “Preference Box” and, using the left arrow, remove this preference from this box. You can then select a different department/ programme as explained above.


Save your information by clicking on the “SAVE” button.


STEP 2- Payment of examination fee

Between 1 August and 16 August 2017, the Online ADÜYÖS examination fee of 180 Turkish Lira, 50 US Dollars or 45 Euros must be deposited into the relevant bank account stated below:

Bank Details

Name of Bank: Turkiye Finans Katılım Bankası

Account Name: Adnan Menderes Üniversitesi İktisadi İşletmesi

Branch: Aydın



Turkish Lira (TRY) Account (180 TL):

Account No: 1570406-19

IBAN: TR780020600199015704060019


US Dollar (USD) account (50 USD):

Account No: 1570406-101

IBAN: TR950020600199015704060101


Euro (EUR) Account (45 Euro):

Account No: 1570406-102

IBAN:  TR680020600199015704060102


You MUST include your name and surname in the explanation section of your bank receipt. Bank receipts without this information cannot be evaluated and the applicants will not be allowed to enter the examination. Responsibility lies with the applicant.



STEP 3 – Uploading of documents onto the application system:

1- Enter the Online ADÜYÖS application system On opening the “Upload Application Documents”, please read the explanation section. You can upload your documents only as JPEG(.jpeg/.jpg), GIF(.gif) or PNG(.png) files.

Documents to be uploaded:


1) Diploma or temporary graduation document or a student certificate for those in the final year of high school,

2) Transcript of records,

3) Passport page showing personal information,

4) Bank receipt showing your name and surname,

5) A passport photograph taken within the last year

6) Document showing your Turkish Identity Number (TC Number) – (Turkish Identity Card, Residence Permission Card or similar) (if available),

7) Document showing examination results (if available).

Please upload all the necessary documents and other documents if available.

IMPORTANT: It is possible to make changes to your information and documents between the application dates (1 August and 16 August 2017) or until you have clicked on “SUBMIT APPLICATION”.

2- Please check your application and when complete, click on “SUBMIT APPLICATION”. After clicking on “SUBMIT APPLICATION”, you will not be able to make any changes to your application.

IMPORTANT: The applications of candidates who do not click on “SUBMIT APPLICATION” will not be evaluated. After submitting your application it will not be possible to make any changes.

Applicants with incorrect or insufficient application, preference or payment sections will not be evaluated. The responsibility lies with the applicant.